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"Working with Charlotte has really helped me develop as a person. I'm motivated to do my schoolwork and revision and I'm getting to bed earlier to achieve my goals the next day too." (BA, 15)


Life coaching for aspirational teenagers

  Is a teenager you care about looking for better academic results?

Would you like a more harmonious relationship with them?

Do you all need a way to navigate the teenage years more smoothly?

If so, you are in the right place. 

Hello and welcome. My name is Charlotte. I am a qualified coach with a background in education, secondary teaching and leadership. My individual coaching supports teenagers to develop self-leadership and motivation for better academic results, happier relationships or a clearer sense of who they are, where they want to be and how to get there.

They will no longer be lost, arguing or silently anxious; and neither will you.


For parents, educators and teenagers, coaching is invaluable:

it allows parents to parent, schools to teach and every young person to flourish as themselves.  

What would this mean for you?

How I work

My successful, bespoke 1:1 coaching programmes are designed to help young people achieve better academic results and develop invaluable self-leadership tools for life.

My coaching sessions provide young people with an opportunity to really understand themselves and their current situations and take purposeful steps towards their personal goals, from improved grades to more harmonious relationships with parents and peers and less device-dependency. 

I am flexible in the way I work, and tailor my individual coaching programmes to my clients’ needs.

To learn more about the benefits of working with me please click on the relevant box below or continue reading.

Foggy Waters

Client Outcomes

Better grades

My clients improve their grades by identifying and tackling what's really stopping them: Attitude? Time management? Screen time? Confidence?

As their private coach I support them all the way towards better academic results, a journey which develops life-long skills: effective habits, helpful perspectives and laser-focused purpose. 

Better relationships

Without exception, as soon as my coachees take action towards their goals, their relationships with parents, teachers and themselves improve beyond measure.  Parents enjoy parenting again, and schools can do what they do best - teach. 

Better self-esteem

I coach my clients to better self-understanding and self-acceptance; they identify what matters to them as individuals and they find their reasons why. The process is a virtuous circle: with this insight, they see what is possible and as they approach their goals their self-confidence builds and previous challenges become new opportunities. 

What my clients say:


I work online with clients from all over the UK and abroad. 

I also offer face to face sessions in and around the following areas of the UK

UK Map.png

Stamford, Lincolnshire

Central London

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

*Travel time - within 1 hour

I'd love to know how I can help

Please fill in your details and the nature of your enquiry. I'll get back to you as soon as I can (please check junk mail)

Thanks for getting in touch

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