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English Coaching

Subject-specific academic coaching for English

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Does your son or daughter want to be more confident in English and improve their results? Are they feeling overwhelmed in class? Are you frustrated with them not reading enough or do you feel their written English is letting them down?


Whether your teenager is aiming for Oxbridge, studying English as a second language or anything in between, my English Teach-Coach approach can raise their confidence and their results

Experience and enthusiasm to match your goals

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An academic coach with 16 years' experience as an English teacher and Head of Department, I offer a unique additional service for young people looking to improve their English. I combine English tutoring with coaching to ensure that my students feel genuinely motivated and personally engaged with the subject.

I have the experience, skills and knowledge to support your son or daughter: I have taught and led departments in various schools in the UK and abroad and my first degree in English and Modern Languages is from Oxford University.

If you would like to find out more about my English coaching for young people, I would be delighted to have a conversation with you or your son or daughter about how we could work together. Please contact me via email or phone; you will find the details below.

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