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About me

A Passion for Education and Inspiring Potential

Hello! I’m Charlotte Lawrence.

I’m an academic confidence and self-leadership coach for teenagers, with a background in secondary school teaching and educational leadership. I taught English for 16 years and held leadership positions in the UK and abroad; I read English and French at Oxford University. I am also a mother of three.

As a teacher I recognised the value of helping young people unearth their potential and passions and develop into grounded, aspirational human beings; as a coach even more so.  And I love what I do.


I understand how crucial it is to navigate the tricky teenage years calmly, to manage the pressures of academic expectations and to be open to discover where potential and passion meet.


The fact that you're here suggests we are, to some extent, on the same wavelength. You may believe strongly as I do, for example, in the maxims that "you get out what you put in" or "put your energy into what you can change, not what you can't". What happens through my coaching is that positive family values are re-discovered and articulated by my clients in their own, individual ways which liberates them and brings much relief to parents! 


My business is to ignite each teenager's own unique potential, inspiring them to become the best student, son, daughter, human being they can be.


There is something profoundly wonderful about witnessing potential unfold. As parents and educators it is a privilege to facilitate. But when young people fail to reach their potential or even recognise it in themselves, it is deeply disappointing.

My mission as a professional coach is to help young people not just discover their potential, but to ignite it across all areas of their lives in alignment with who they are and what they stand for. 


How do we equip today's young people in an uncertain world?


We coach them to develop:

  • Self-understanding

  • Self-belief

  • Purposeful motivation

  • A positive outlook

  • Resilience

  • A reason why

In short, coaching is the bedrock of sustained strength of character required to carve a happy, fulfilled future, regardless of its challenges.

My approach - what makes it different?

My programme does not tell teenagers what to do; it’s more powerful and refreshing than that. It leads them through that vitally formative yet uncharted space between school and parenting, helping them navigate themselves away from distractions: social media, screen time, peer pressure, unhelpful role-models, exam pressure…all of which can lead to poor academic performance, distressing arguments at home (or worse, the stormy silences or broken communication) and your constant worry.


As their private coach, I work alongside them in this space, supporting them towards identifying and nurturing their own academic and personal ambitions - be they improving grades, relationships, talent or confidence - by building solid foundations of self-awareness and self-belief. 

My Sessions

The coaching sessions are a bespoke blend of deep listening, questioning, challenge, self-development tools and life skills.

They give young people an invaluable opportunity to listen to themselves and be listened to without judgement and explore what’s going on in their own lives from a more optimistic, balanced perspective.

They come away from each session motivated to take purposeful steps towards their personal goals, whether they be, for example, improved grades, more harmonious relationships with their parents and peers or better time management.


As their coach, I facilitate their increasing confidence to take responsibility and make good decisions about how to use their time more productively, who to hang out with, how to identify and nurture their ambitions and how to make the most of support networks and resources.


A happy outcome of all this is that your teenager, not only has a more defined sense of who they are and what they stand for, they realise their parents and school are now off their back and on their side

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